No No Hair Removal System Complaints Review

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With the release of the no no hair removal device in the market, it has caught a lot of attention from would be buyers, especially the women population.  In its infancy stage of marketing, you cannot find much review about the product, thus you are left with the choice of opting for a free trial on no no hair removal’s website.  So let me sum up the usual no no hair removal system complaints.

Burning Smell

Most users have complained of the burning smell when using the device.  This can be attributed to the fact that no no hair removal system is using the Thermicon Effect to ensure lesser hair growth in the future and this is the cause of the burning smell.  Because the Thermicon Effect radiates heat to the hair follicle in order to kill the hair shaft, thus preventing it from growing again.

However, as many users have attested, the burning smell also lessens as one uses the device continuously.  This is also very true as attested by the Thermicon Effect.  Since, the Thermicon Effect conducts heat transfer to the hair root, thereby killing it and causing the smell of burning hair.  It also prevents the growth of the hair shaft, thus through constant use, there will be lesser hair growth leading to lesser burning hair.  Because what would cause the burning hair smell, if there are already fewer hair growing and fewer hair to burn, right?  This all just means that the no no removal hair system is effective in doing its job.

Time Consuming

A user has complained about the time needed in order to perform hair removal with no no’s device.  The complaint went like this, it takes at least 30 minutes to fully finish the no no hair removal procedure and to get results you have to consistently use no no at least three times a week, and that is equivalent to 90 minutes per week and to a busy person this is simply outrageous.

This idea is quite arbitrary and would depend on a person’s point of view.  Because, if compared to other hair removal options, it is already less time consuming as you no longer need to go to a spa, get an appointment and usually the procedure of waxing takes an hour to complete.  Factoring in the hassles of other hair removal procedures that you need to go through, the no no hair removal system simply saves you a lot more time and effort.


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